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Mr Eazi Takes Fans on a Playful Journey with New Single and Video “Chop Time, No Friend”

Exciting news for Mr Eazi fans! The CEO/ talented artist has just released his latest single titled “Chop Time, No Friend,” and it comes with an announcement that his highly anticipated debut LP will finally be dropping on October 27th. To get us all in the mood for the upcoming album, Mr Eazi has also treated us to a visually stunning music video for the lead single.

“Chop Time, No Friend” is a joyful and playful return to the signature Banku Music sound that Mr Eazi pioneered and popularized with his early singles and mixtapes. The song’s title is inspired by a Ghanaian saying that loosely translates to “You can’t trouble me.” According to Mr Eazi, the phrase is commonly seen written on the front or side of buses in Ghana, much like the expression “God is Great.”

In essence, “Chop Time, No Friend” conveys the message of not allowing haters or distractions to take away from one’s enjoyment and success. It’s a celebration of living in the moment and fully indulging in life’s pleasures without worrying about what others may think.

The music video, expertly directed by Allison Swank Owen, takes viewers on a captivating journey to Dakar, Senegal. Against the stunning backdrop of the city, Mr Eazi is seen catching vibes with a beautiful woman at a beachside residence, showcasing his eclectic fashion sense in a trendy clothing shop, and sharing heartfelt moments with loved ones in a lavish open-air space. Notably, the video also features the breathtaking African Renaissance Monument in Deux Mamelles, Dakar, adding an extra layer of cultural significance to the visual storytelling.

As always, Mr Eazi effortlessly infuses his music with a fusion of genres, creating a truly global and infectious sound that appeals to audiences worldwide. “Chop Time, No Friend” serves as a reminder of his immense talent and his ability to connect with fans through his distinctive style.

So, if you’re ready for a dose of feel-good music and an immersive visual experience, be sure to check out “Chop Time, No Friend” and the accompanying music video. It’s the perfect introduction to what promises to be a remarkable debut album from Mr Eazi, and we can’t wait to see what other musical delights he has in store for us on October 27th. Stay tuned for more updates and be prepared to dance and enjoy to the rhythm of Mr Eazi’s infectious beats!

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