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Ice Spice Opens Up About Mentorship from Nicki Minaj and Drake

In the competitive world of music, having a mentor can make all the difference in an artist’s journey to success. Rising rapper Ice Spice has been fortunate enough to receive mentorship from two of the biggest names in the industry – Nicki Minaj and Drake. In a recent interview, The “Munch” hitmaker appeared on Apple Music 1 for an in-depth conversation with Zane Lowe about her upcoming extended EP on Wednesday (July 19). On the topic of mentors, the Bronx rapper said she was receiving mentorship from Drizzy and Nicki Minaj. she candidly shared her experiences with these iconic artists and how their guidance has shaped her career.

Meeting the Queen, Nicki Minaj:

For Ice Spice, collaborating with Nicki Minaj was a dream come true. As a fan since childhood, being in the presence of the Queen rapper was an emotional and awe-inspiring moment. The two artists worked together on the song “Princess Diana,” and Minaj’s praise and support of Ice Spice earned her the title of “Princess of rap.” The mentorship didn’t stop there; Minaj also offered Ice Spice coaching and advice based on her own experiences in the industry.

Learning from the Best:

Ice Spice credits Minaj as a major inspiration in her career, having grown up listening to her music and unconsciously picking up on her mannerisms. Minaj’s success story serves as a roadmap for the young rapper, who is determined to follow in her footsteps. The mentorship provided by the Queen has given Ice Spice the confidence and motivation to tackle the challenges that come her way.

Drake: The Mentor and Coach:

Beyond Minaj, Ice Spice also shared her close bond with Drake. The Canadian rapper has become a mentor figure to her, always just a phone call away. The two frequently discuss career decisions, with Drake offering valuable advice and sharing his own experiences. Ice Spice greatly appreciates the guidance and support she receives from the “Hotline Bling” artist, recognizing the impact he has on her growth as an artist.

Embracing the Mentorship:

The mentorship from both Nicki Minaj and Drake has been instrumental in Ice Spice’s journey as an artist. The advice and insights they provide have allowed her to navigate the music industry with more confidence and clarity. Their belief in her talent has fueled her determination to succeed and make a lasting impact in the industry.

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