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Teen Vogue’s ‘Africa’s New Wave’ Edition: Celebrating Afrobeat And Nigeria’s Rising Stars

Teen Vogue has released its latest edition of Africa’s New Wave, which features Nigerian Afrobeat artists Ayra Starr, BNXN, and Victony as the cover stars.

According to the publication;

Our Africa’s New Wave package celebrates the rich culture and impact of the globe’s demographically youngest continent. Through a series of visual stories, we’re unpacking the gravity of Africa’s history and influence on the world and why it needs to be looked to as a source of inspiration for radical youth-focused change.

The package shines a spotlight on the rich culture and impact of Africa, with Nigeria as its focus. Through their powerful music and artistic expressions, these rising stars are not only influencing the music scene but also inspiring youth-focused change. Let’s delve into the interviews and discover the fascinating journeys of these talented artists.

Victony: Overcoming Adversity Through Music Victony’s story is a testament to the power of music in overcoming challenges. The talented artist opens up about the early struggles in his career, which he managed to navigate with the love and support of his fans. With his debut single ‘Holy Father,’ he triumphed over adversity and gained recognition. His forthcoming album promises a more sincere and groovy side, as he reflects on heartbreak, confidence, and personal growth.

BNXN: Embracing Identity and Purposeful Music For BNXN, Lagos holds a special place in his heart, fueling his creativity and inspiring purposeful music. The artist shares his unique blend of wistfulness and groove, creating an extraordinary listening experience. In his forthcoming album, he aims to introduce a happier side of himself, breezing through topics like heartbreak and reminiscing on life experiences.

Ayra Starr: Empowering Black Girls and Discovering Her Sound Signed to Mavin Records, Ayra Starr has been making significant strides in the music industry. She fondly recalls meeting Jazzy, her mentor, who provided guidance while allowing her artistic freedom. Ayra emphasizes the importance of empowering young Black girls through her music and artistic journey. With a continuous focus on self-discovery, Ayra’s sound continues to evolve, captivating audiences worldwide.

Teen Vogue’s ‘Africa’s New Wave’ edition serves as a powerful platform to showcase the exceptional talent of Nigerian artists. Ayra Starr, BNXN, and Victony’s stories not only inspire music enthusiasts but also highlight the rich culture and diversity of Africa’s music scene. As these artists continue to make waves globally, they represent the next generation of music icons, ushering in a new era of African influence in the world of entertainment.

Source: www.teenvogue.com

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