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Bryon Messia Featuring Burna Boy In ‘Talibans II’: A Sizzling Dancehall Remix and Music Video

The summer hit “Talibans” by Byron Messia has been making waves since its release on the artist’s No Love album in January. With modest success on the Billboard and UK charts and an impressive 36 million views on YouTube, the song has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. To take the song to greater heights, Byron Messia has teamed up with the acclaimed Burna Boy for an official remix and music video, aptly titled “Talibans II.”

Directed by 20K Visuals, the new music video is a lively escapade featuring both artists and their vibrant male and female entourages. The video also includes cameos from UK Grime star Dave and clips from Burna Boy’s recent birthday bash at Pearly Beach in Ocho Rios.

Burna Boy opens the remix with an energetic verse that complements Messia’s original vision of blending Afrobeats with a touch of Caribbean griminess. The Ye singer delivers his own gun-toting, ‘killy’-backing lyrics, adding a new dimension to the already catchy tune.

While the song embraces a sense of ‘badness,’ both artists take the opportunity to showcase their status and flex their musical prowess. Burna Boy even stokes the flames of dating rumors with Dancehall starlet Jada Kingdom in his verse, mentioning how he bought a Birkin bag for her.

For his part, 25-year-old Byron Messia confidently delivers his lyrics with a noticeable oomph, making his mark alongside the Grammy Award-winning Nigerian artist. Though he maintains the essence of the original song, he makes subtle tweaks to accommodate Burna Boy’s unique take on “Talibans.”

The collaboration between the two artists received widespread praise from fans, who hailed Burna Boy for joining forces with his “fellow brethren.” Some even viewed this collaboration as a testament to Messia’s ascent to another level of stardom. Additionally, fans applauded Burna Boy for celebrating Jamaica and recognized the Afrobeats superstar’s versatility.

Produced by Ztekk Records and EJ Fya, “Talibans” stands as Byron Messia’s most successful single to date. It currently enjoys its seventh week on the UK Singles chart, reaching a new peak at No. 31. The song has also made its mark on four Billboard Airplay charts, climbing from No. 45 to 39 in its fourth week on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart, and from No. 24 to 19 in its second week on the Rap Airplay chart. Furthermore, it holds positions at No. 37 on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart and No. 35 on the Rhythmic Airplay chart.

With the sizzling remix of “Talibans II,” Byron Messia and Burna Boy have set the music world ablaze, bringing their unique styles together to create an unforgettable musical experience. Fans can’t get enough of this dynamic collaboration that seamlessly blends Afrobeats and Caribbean vibes, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating what these two talented artists will do next.

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