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‘Cinderella’s Curse’: Release Window, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far

Prepare yourself for a gruesome collision of “Carrie” and “Cinderella” in the upcoming horror flick, ‘Cinderella’s Curse.’ Departing from the fairy tale’s saccharine portrayals, this guilty-pleasure movie promises a blood-soaked retelling of a beloved classic.

When Is Cinderella’s Curse Coming Out? While an exact release date hasn’t been announced yet, ITN Studios is targeting an October launch for ‘Cinderella’s Curse.’ Halloween seems like the perfect time to immerse in this violent, yet captivating version of the timeless tale, adding one more live-action Cinderella adaptation to the fold.

Is There a Trailer for Cinderella’s Curse? As of now, there’s no official trailer for ‘Cinderella’s Curse.’ However, recently released images from the movie offer a glimpse of our well-known protagonist like never before. In a blood-drenched dress, Cinderella channels her inner Carrie, setting the stage for a visually stunning experience akin to the cult hit ‘Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey.’ Stay tuned to Collider for the release of the ‘Cinderella’s Curse’ trailer.

Where Can You Watch Cinderella’s Curse? ‘Cinderella’s Curse’ is slated for a theatrical release initially. While a streaming release hasn’t been confirmed, ITN Studios’ previous film, ‘Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey,’ is now available on Digital, suggesting a similar treatment for ‘Cinderella’s Curse.’

Who Is Starring in Cinderella’s Curse? The casting team faced the daunting task of finding actors who could bring beloved characters to life. So far, the response from fans has been positive, with standout performances from Kelly Rian Sanson as Cinderella, Lauren Budd as an Evil Stepsister, Natasha Tosini as the other Evil Stepsister, Danielle Scott as the Stepmother, and Sam Barrett as Prince Levin. The ensemble cast also features Chrissie Wunna as the cunning and deadly Fairy Godmother, promising a bloody twist on the iconic role.

What Is Cinderella’s Curse About? While an official plot synopsis is yet to be released, Director Louisa Warren has hinted at an incredibly unique spin on Cinderella, featuring truly horrific deaths. Fans can expect a dark retelling reminiscent of the iconic horror film ‘Carrie,’ with a focus on visual terror.

Who Is Making Cinderella’s Curse? The film is produced and directed by Louisa Warren, with Harry Boxley as the writer. Stuart Alson and Nicole Holland serve as executive producers. The movie’s editing is handled by Jack James, while James Cox is in charge of the haunting music.

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