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Introducing X – The Everything App: Musk’s Vision for the Future of Social Media and Beyond Plus 100 countries To Benefit From Ad Revenue Sharing!

Elon Musk, the innovative entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, is set to revolutionize the social media landscape with the introduction of X – The Everything App (formerly known as Twitter). With a focus on becoming the global financial system’s driving force, Musk envisions X as a multifaceted platform that goes beyond traditional social media.

Musk’s Goals for X:

X is designed to address critical issues plaguing social media platforms, including a minimum level of fraud, real-time monitoring, and seamless integration. The aim is to create a robust and secure environment where users can engage without the fear of deception or misinformation.

Exciting Features for X:

  1. Dating Platform: X will venture into the world of romance, offering users a dating platform to connect with like-minded individuals.
  2. Ecommerce Integration: Seamlessly shop from within the app with an integrated ecommerce platform, making transactions smoother and hassle-free.
  3. Food Ordering Apps Integration: Order your favorite meals directly through X, expanding the app’s functionality and convenience.
  4. Enhanced Audio and Video Content: X will shift its focus towards audio and video content, catering to users who prefer engaging with media-rich experiences.
  5. UPI-like Payment and Banking System: Musk’s vision includes a robust payment and banking system, akin to India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI), offering secure financial transactions within the app.
  6. Transforming “Followers” into “Viewers”:

Musk hints at a potential transformation of the traditional “Followers” system, proposing a shift towards “Viewers.” This shift aims to redefine user engagement and interactions on the platform.

7. Creator Payments and Payouts:

X brings exciting opportunities for creators to earn through their content. Creators will receive payment for profile visits, and they won’t need a high number of monthly impressions or a subscription button to start earning.

Upcoming Changes to Enhance User Experience:

X will implement several user-friendly changes to enhance bookmarking functionality, enabling users to easily search through their saved bookmarks. Additionally, weekly emails will be sent to users, providing a curated list of saved bookmarks for convenient access.

Visibility of Shadowbans:

Acknowledging user concerns, X will display shadowbans immediately on user accounts. The app will specify the active shadowban, reasons for shadowbanning, and potential solutions to lift the ban.

Ad Sharing in Over 100 Countries: Ad sharing will be available for creators in the following countries. •Albania •Algeria •Angola •Antigua & Barbuda •Argentina •Armenia •Australia •Austria •Azerbaijan •Bahamas •Bahrain •Bangladesh •Belgium •Benin •Bhutan •Bolivia •Bosnia & Herzegovina •Botswana •Brunei •Bulgaria •Cambodia •Canada •Chile •Colombia •Costa Rica •Côte d’Ivoire •Croatia •Cyprus •Czech Republic •Denmark •Dominican Republic •Ecuador •Egypt •El Salvador •Estonia •Ethiopia •Finland •France •Gabon •Gambia •Germany •Ghana •Greece •Guatemala •Guyana •Hong Kong •Hungary •Iceland •India •Indonesia •Ireland •Israel •Italy •Jamaica •Japan •Jordan •Kenya •Kuwait •Laos •Latvia •Liechtenstein •Lithuania •Luxembourg •Madagascar •Malaysia •Malta •Mauritius •Mexico •Moldova •Monaco •Mongolia •Morocco •Mozambique •Namibia •Netherlands •New Zealand •Niger •Nigeria •North Macedonia •Norway •Oman •Panama •Paraguay •Peru •Philippines •Poland •Portugal •Qatar •Romania •Rwanda •San Marino •Saudi Arabia •Senegal •Serbia •Singapore •Slovakia •Slovenia •South Africa •South Korea •Spain •Sri Lanka •St. Lucia •Sweden •Switzerland •Taiwan •Tanzania •Thailand •Trinidad & Tobago •Tunisia •Turkey •United Arab Emirates •United Kingdom •United States •Uruguay •Uzbekistan •Vietnam

X is committed to empowering creators worldwide. Ad sharing will be available for creators in over 100 countries, fostering an inclusive and diverse community on the platform. This move aims to support creators and encourage creativity across the globe.


With X – The Everything App, Elon Musk is charting a new path for social media, combining innovation, creativity, and financial empowerment. As X takes center stage, it promises to reshape the digital landscape and offer users a revolutionary experience. The world eagerly awaits the launch of X on August 16, poised to witness the future of social media unfold before their eyes.

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