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Doja Cat’s Social Media Drama Results To Losing 200k Followers Amid Controversy Over Kittenz Nickname

Doja Cat, the singer and rapper, has been embroiled in a conflict with her own fans, which has led to her losing nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram. The controversy revolves around her fans’ self-proclaimed nickname, Kittenz, and Doja’s recent criticism of it, though some speculate that it might be part of a pre-planned publicity stunt.

The fandom nickname “Kittenz” had been in use for years, originating from a since-deleted poll Doja Cat conducted in 2020, where she asked her fans what they wanted to be called. However, recently, Doja expressed her disapproval of the name, taking to her Threads account to slam her fans for identifying themselves as Kittenz. Her remarks sparked heated exchanges between her and her followers.

Doja Cat’s fans pointed out that she was the one who initiated the poll that led to the nickname, but she dismissed her actions, stating that she was an “alcohol [sic] teen” at the time and asserting that her fans do not refer to themselves as Kittenz.

The situation escalated further when fans asked what they should change the nickname to, to which Doja replied with a seemingly dismissive remark. Following more confrontations, Doja ultimately deactivated her Threads account.

As a result of the social media drama, Doja Cat’s Instagram follower count reportedly dropped by over 185,000 followers, as per Hype Auditor and reported by The Daily Mail. Despite the significant decrease, her overall follower count remains high at 25.8 million, representing a dip of less than two percent.

Despite the ongoing tension with her fanbase, Doja Cat is preparing for a new tour, scheduled to kick off on Halloween, and she has plans to release her fourth album later this year.

While many fans express frustration with the artist’s behavior, some speculate that this could be a calculated publicity stunt. A section of her fans believes that Doja’s actions might be connected to a character called “Scarlet,” as she teased “Scarlet is Here” on Twitter and changed some of her Spotify cover art to red, aligning with the track “Paint the Town Red.”

As the drama continues to unfold, opinions remain divided about the authenticity of Doja Cat’s actions, leaving fans and the media closely monitoring the situation for any further developments.

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