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Drake Fan Who Threw Bra on Stage Offered Opportunity to Work for Playboy After Viral Concert Clip

Veronica Correia, a Drake fan who tossed her 36G bra on stage during the rapper’s concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, has become a viral sensation. Following the incident, she received attention from both Drake himself and Playboy. The iconic brand reached out to Veronica, offering her a position as a content creator.

Veronica Correia attended Drake’s concert with no intention of throwing her bra, but when Drake sang right in front of her, she couldn’t resist the opportunity. She tossed her bra near his feet, and he hilariously reacted to the gesture. The incident became an internet sensation, and Veronica confirmed her identity as the bra-thrower on TikTok.

After her bra-throwing escapade went viral, Veronica’s Instagram and TikTok gained massive attention, with millions of views and thousands of new followers. Drake even replied to one of her Instagram Stories with a laughing emoji. In addition, Playboy contacted her through Instagram, inviting her to apply to become a content creator on their platform.

Playboy’s representative informed Veronica about their creator-led digital platform, where top creators interact directly with their fans, expand their communities, and build their own personal content and commerce businesses. The brand expressed excitement about Veronica’s collaboration and offered her an invitation to apply for the position.

Veronica, a Portuguese mother-of-one who works at a coffee shop in Rhode Island, expressed her excitement about Playboy’s offer and confirmed that she has already applied. She has garnered immense popularity and attention after the incident but declined offers to start an OnlyFans account.

This is not the first time Drake has received bras thrown at him during his performances. He has previously spoken out about not discriminating against any body types and expressed appreciation for all types of fans.

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