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Arsenal Legend Ian Wright Calls Out NFF to Pay Nigeria Women’s Team Match Bonuses Amid Ongoing Dispute After World Cup Victory Against Australia

All is not well within the Nigerian Super Falcons camp as delays in payment have become a regular occurrence under the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). Amid an ongoing pay dispute between the women’s team and the country’s football association, Arsenal legend Ian Wright has taken a stand, urging the NFF to pay the Nigeria women their deserved match bonuses. Recent revelations from a leaked document online indicate that the approved budget for the Super Falcons was $1,746,148, further fueling the players’ demands for fair compensation.

The Pay Dispute: Earlier this month, the General Secretary of the Nigeria Football Federation, Dr. Mohammed Sanusi, informed the women’s team that their match bonuses of £15,760 (AUS$30,000) for their participation in the group stages of the tournament had been canceled by the federation. This decision has sparked discontent and unrest among the players, who have been seeking fair compensation for their hard work and dedication on the field.

In response to the withheld bonuses, the Super Falcons had even threatened to go on strike during their first match of the competition against Canada. The Canadian team is also facing their own pay dispute, seeking equal pay and support comparable to the men’s team.

Despite the challenges they faced, the Nigeria women’s team showcased their talent and determination, securing a stunning 3-2 victory against hosts Australia. The victory on the field highlighted the team’s strength and prowess, making their case for rightful recognition and compensation even more compelling.

In solidarity with the Super Falcons, Arsenal legend Ian Wright has used his platform to call out the Nigeria Football Federation. Taking to social media, Wright posted a powerful message of support for the team, urging the NFF to pay the players what they rightfully deserve. His simple yet impactful message of ‘Pay them!!!!!!’ resonates with fans and fellow athletes alike, emphasizing the importance of fair treatment and recognition for women in sports.

Recent developments have brought to light a leaked document online, revealing that the approved budget for the Super Falcons was $1,746,148. This significant amount further underscores the players’ rightful demands for adequate compensation for their exceptional performances on the field.

The ongoing pay dispute between the Nigeria women’s team and the NFF is a glaring issue that needs to be resolved promptly. Ian Wright’s vocal support brings attention to the matter and underscores the importance of treating women athletes with the same respect and fairness as their male counterparts. As the Super Falcons continue to shine on the world stage, it is crucial for the NFF to honor their commitment and provide them with the appropriate match bonuses, recognizing their hard work and dedication to the sport. The leaked budget document adds weight to the players’ demands, urging the NFF to address the issue urgently and ensure that these talented athletes receive the compensation they rightly deserve.

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