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Blac Chyna Signs Ethika Deal After Transformation Journey, Set to Launch Her Own Fashion Line

Angela “Blac Chyna” White, the reality star, has taken her lifestyle and image transformation to new heights by securing a deal with apparel brand Ethika. The 35-year-old has partnered with the renowned brand to create her own line of athleisure, stylish underwear, and fashionable pieces, with the first collection slated for release around the holidays, as reported by Page Six Style.

This exciting collaboration marks White’s first major venture since embarking on her journey of renewal. Over the past few months, the former exotic dancer and reality star has undergone various transformative measures. She underwent surgery to reduce her breasts and buttocks, removed facial fillers, and erased tattoos she considered “demonic.”

Moreover, the mommy-of-two deactivated her OnlyFans account, embraced her birth name, and achieved an honorary doctorate degree from Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College. Alongside these changes, the 35-year-old celebrated 10 months of sobriety, adopted a healthier diet, and committed to regular exercise.

Blac Chyna sees her partnership with Ethika as more than just a physical transformation; it encompasses her spiritual and fitness journey as well. Speaking to Page Six Style, she shared, “Outside of the body transformation, the spiritual and fitness journey played a major part. When you’re making a transformation, it takes a lot of discipline.”

When questioned about her newfound confidence, she expressed, “Hotter isn’t even the word! Refreshed and superior is what I would say. This is the best I’ve felt my whole life. My confidence is through the roof, and I’m loving the woman I’m becoming.”

In April, White visited the Ethika headquarters, where she was shown around the warehouse. Dressed in a two-piece set with her hair styled in a two-toned fashion, she left a lasting impression on the brand.

Ethika’s vice president of marketing expressed excitement about the partnership, saying, “Angela has an amazing perspective as an entrepreneur and a mother, and we are excited to go down this path with her. Angela expressed to us that she was looking to launch a few new businesses in her portfolio and Ethika would be a great fit.”

As Blac Chyna continues to evolve and make strides in her life, fans and fashion enthusiasts alike eagerly await the release of her much-anticipated fashion line in the coming months. The partnership with Ethika promises to be a bold and empowering venture, showcasing Chyna’s resilience and determination on her transformative journey.

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