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Cheque Unveils Captivating EP “Chequemate” Featuring Fireboy DML and Crayon

Nigerian rapper and singer, Cheque, has just released his much-anticipated EP titled “Chequemate,” featuring six captivating tracks that showcase his unique blend of soulful melodies and impressive rap skills. The EP also includes exciting collaborations with fellow artists Fireboy DML and Crayon.

Ever since his breakout hit “Zoom” in 2020, Cheque has been making waves in the Nigerian music scene with his distinctive style and genre-defying approach. His previous project, “Razor,” solidified his position as one of the most promising stars in the industry, and his debut album, “Bravo,” further showcased his musical prowess and creativity.

In “Chequemate,” Cheque continues to demonstrate his versatility, seamlessly blending different languages and emotions to create an enchanting musical experience. The EP explores themes of destiny, love, and personal growth, all wrapped in Cheque’s signature soul-pop sound.

With tracks like “Shine,” Cheque delivers a powerful message of hope and perseverance, urging listeners to stay true to themselves and their dreams. Collaborating once again with Fireboy DML on “Hustler,” the duo ignites the track with their undeniable chemistry and infectious energy.

On “Way Too Young,” Cheque embraces his youthfulness and carefree spirit, expressing that he’s not ready to be burdened by life’s complexities. “LPD” is a heartfelt ode to his loyal fanbase, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support throughout his musical journey.

One of the EP’s highlights is the track “Sunflawa,” where Cheque’s smooth vocals intertwine effortlessly with Crayon’s soulful voice, creating a mesmerizing blend of sounds that leave a lasting impression.

“Chequemate” is a testament to Cheque’s artistic growth and ability to captivate audiences with his soulful storytelling and impressive rap skills. If you’re a fan of soulful rap and meaningful lyrics, this EP is a must-listen. Immerse yourself in Cheque’s musical world and enjoy the enchanting sounds of “Chequemate,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

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