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Twisted Metal Cast and Character Guide: Who Stars in the Video Game Adaptation?

The post-apocalyptic derby mayhem of the iconic video game franchise “Twisted Metal” is set to come to life in an all-new Peacock series. This thrilling adaptation brings back beloved characters, introduces new faces, and promises an action-packed ride for fans. With the show nearing its release, let’s explore the comprehensive cast and character guide for “Twisted Metal.”

Anthony Mackie as John Doe: Anthony Mackie, known for his role as Sam Wilson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, takes on the character of John Doe, a playable character from the Twisted Metal game series. This amnesiac protagonist embarks on a wild adventure, making jokes and delivering packages in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Samoa Joe and Will Arnett as Sweet Tooth: The infamous homicidal clown, Sweet Tooth, will be portrayed by WWE superstar Samoa Joe and voiced by Will Arnett. Sweet Tooth has been a consistent villain and mascot of the franchise, adding terror to the desolate remains of Las Vegas.

Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet: Stephanie Beatriz portrays Quiet, an original character created for the show. A bit of a mystery, Quiet accompanies John Doe on his adventure, primarily communicating through actions rather than words.

Neve Campbell as Raven: Neve Campbell takes on the character of Raven, who hires John Doe for a deadly job. This enigmatic character’s connection to Calypso, the overseer of the Twisted Metal tournament, raises intriguing questions.

Thomas Haden Church as Agent Stone: Thomas Haden Church plays Agent Stone, an undercover government operative tasked with taking down the Twisted Metal tournament and Calypso. This character takes a criminal turn, leading a gang of rogue police officers.

“Twisted Metal” promises to be a wild and thrilling series, with a talented cast bringing the iconic video game characters to life. From the wise-cracking John Doe to the terrifying Sweet Tooth, fans can expect a post-apocalyptic adventure filled with chaos, action, and suspense. Get ready to buckle up and enter the twisted world of “Twisted Metal” on Peacock.

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