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Travis Scott’s Attorney Accuses Houston Police of Deliberately Releasing 1,266-page Investigation Report Of Astroworld On Utopia Release Date To Destroy Sales

Travis Scott’s legal team is hitting back at the Houston Police Department, alleging that they purposely timed the release of their report on the Astroworld tragedy to coincide with the launch of Travis’ highly anticipated album, ‘Utopia.’

According to Kent Schaffer, one of Travis Scott’s attorneys, it was no accident that the 1,266-page investigation report was released on the same day as the album. He believes that Houston PD was well aware of the album’s release date, which had been highly publicized throughout the week. Schaffer suggests that their motive behind the precise timing was to undermine Travis’ album sales and divert attention from law enforcement’s lack of charges against the rapper.

In response, Houston PD has called it a mere “coincidence,” but Schaffer remains unconvinced. He argues that the report is unlikely to have a significant impact on Travis’ fans or the sales of ‘Utopia.’


Furthermore, Travis Scott’s legal team disputes some contents of the report, including a statement from a security guard claiming he tried to stop the show during Drake’s set but was told to wait until Drake finished. Schaffer denies this claim, asserting that the crowd injuries occurred before Drake’s performance, and police could have intervened earlier if they had deemed it necessary.

During the investigation, Travis maintained that he followed all directions given to him, including stopping the show after Drake’s set, as instructed through his earpiece. Consequently, he was not charged with any crime by the grand jury, which also cleared him of criminal liability.

Despite the grand jury’s decision, Travis Scott faces several lawsuits from victims and their families. His attorney believes the extensive release of the investigation documents was an attempt by the police to demonstrate the thoroughness of their investigation to the public and the families affected by the tragedy.

In the midst of the legal battles, the Astroworld tragedy continues to evoke sadness, anger, and determination for justice among the victims’ families, regardless of whether it takes place in a criminal or civil courthouse.

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