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“Embracing Her Throne: BIA Unveils ‘Really Her’ Album, Proving Her Rap Prowess”

BIA, the talented rapper hailing from Massachusetts, is making a bold statement with her latest project, ‘Really Her.’ The nine-track album showcases her impressive rap skills, proving that she can hold her own among heavyweights in the industry. BIA’s collaboration with J. Cole on the popular 2022 single “London” demonstrated her prowess, and now she continues to shine on this new release.

‘Really Her’ features legendary names like Swizz Beatz, Juicy J, and Timbaland, who add their magic to the mix while BIA soars with her unique style. Each track on the album is enjoyable for various reasons, making it hard to determine standout favorites. However, her solo performances on “Four Seasons” and “Fall Back” are undoubtedly among the best on the record.

The album’s title, ‘Really Her,’ is fitting, as it showcases BIA’s authenticity and genuine talent. She confidently claims her throne in the rap game and proves that she is a force to be reckoned with. As listeners dive into the project, they will experience firsthand why BIA truly embodies the essence of her artistry. ‘Really Her’ solidifies her position as an artist who is here to stay and make a significant impact in the music industry.

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