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DaBaby Drops Music Video for Latest Single “Ghetto Girls”

DaBaby is making waves on the charts with his comeback hit “Shake Sumn,” and now he’s looking to amplify his presence on the Hot 100 with his follow-up single, “Ghetto Girls.” This track is part of his collection “Call Da Fireman,” released in May, and it’s the third song from the project to receive a video treatment.

Sampling Cash Money’s 2000 classic “Project Chick,” “Ghetto Girls” brings DaBaby’s signature style to the forefront. The Charlie Heat-produced tune showcases his lyrical prowess with lines like, “You can tell that I ain’t never had sh-t, but that don’t matter, ’cause I got it now / She love to see when daddy got it on, come give me h–d with your bonnet on.”

The music video for “Ghetto Girls” is self-directed by DaBaby and takes inspiration from the film “Friday.” Just as he did with the visual for “Sellin Crack,” which drew from the 1991 cult classic “New Jack City,” DaBaby infuses cinematic references into his music videos.

With his distinctive style, engaging beats, and creative visuals, DaBaby continues to leave his mark on the music industry. “Ghetto Girls” is another testament to his ability to deliver catchy tracks that resonate with his audience.

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