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Asake’s Album “Work Of Art” Achieves Remarkable Milestone of One Billion Streams

Nigerian artist Asake, known for his impressive musical prowess, has attained a significant milestone with his sophomore album titled “Work Of Art.” This album has achieved an extraordinary feat by amassing over one billion streams across major digital streaming platforms, firmly establishing Asake’s prominence in the music industry. The artist’s creative efforts, combined with his dedicated fanbase, have propelled his album to remarkable success.

The release of “Work Of Art” on June 16, 2023, marked a momentous occasion in Asake’s career. Within a mere two months since its debut, the album has garnered an astounding 1.2 billion streams, highlighting the immense popularity and global appeal of Asake’s musical creations.

The impressive stream count of “Work Of Art” was made possible through the collaborative efforts of five prominent digital streaming platforms. Audiomack, Boomplay, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube collectively contributed to the album’s exceptional achievement. The widespread support from these platforms underscores the breadth of Asake’s fanbase and the widespread enjoyment of his music.

  • Audiomack: 425 million streams
  • Boomplay: 174.8 million streams
  • Spotify: 114 million streams
  • Apple Music: 135 million streams
  • YouTube: 180 million streams

Please note that these remarkable figures represent the accumulation of streams until August 28. Given Asake’s popularity, it is likely that these numbers have continued to grow since that date.

The significance of this achievement cannot be understated. Asake’s “Work Of Art” album has not only resonated deeply with listeners but also garnered critical acclaim. This accomplishment stands as a testament to Asake’s exceptional talent and the unwavering support of his enthusiastic fanbase.

Asake’s journey in the music industry continues to captivate hearts and inspire aspiring artists. We join in celebrating his remarkable achievement and eagerly anticipate the continued success of his musical endeavors.

[Note: This article was published on August 30, 2023. The figures mentioned represent the streaming count up until August 28, 2023.]

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