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Instagram Model’s “Boyfriend Application” Draws 3,000 Applicants in 24 Hours

Vera Dijkmans, a popular Instagram model with 5.7 million followers, recently decided to tackle the challenges of dating in 2023 in a unique way. She introduced a “boyfriend application” to her audience, hoping to find a suitable partner from her vast following. What followed was an overwhelming response, with over 3,000 hopeful candidates submitting applications within the first 24 hours.

In an era where digital connections often make it challenging to find genuine relationships, Vera Dijkmans sought a creative approach. With her substantial online presence and income as an OnlyFans model, she recognized the difficulty of discerning potential suitors from her fanbase. The boyfriend application was her solution to this modern dating dilemma.

The boyfriend application consists of 22 questions, ranging from astrological signs to living arrangements. It also delves into pop culture preferences, asking about favorites like “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and music choices from artists like The Weeknd, Drake, Future, and Travis Scott. Sorting through the thousands of applications she has received will undoubtedly be a time-consuming task.

Vera Dijkmans has clear criteria for her potential partner. She values qualities such as a sense of humor, good taste in music, financial independence, loyalty, and even a shared love for cartoons. Her desire to settle down and get serious reflects her readiness for a meaningful relationship.

Dijkmans posted the boyfriend application on social media, eliciting responses from her audience. Many expressed their desire to participate, with some playfully wishing they could apply despite not meeting the “boyfriend” criteria.

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