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“Emerging R&B Boy Band Pop Money Releases Soulful Ballad ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

Pop Money, an up-and-coming R&B boy band, has unveiled their latest single, “Boys Don’t Cry,” through a collaboration between Nick Cannon’s NCredible and Republic Records. This soulful ballad delves into the depths of lost love and the emotions that follow.

Co-produced by Nick Cannon and Koncept, “Boys Don’t Cry” paints a vivid picture of heartbreak as the group croons, “When it’s raining, I go outside, ‘Cause the rain will hide the tears in my eyes, And I know that boys don’t cry, Tears came down slowly, When she told me goodbye.” The song captures the raw emotions that accompany the end of a meaningful relationship.

“Boys Don’t Cry” follows the release of Pop Money’s recent track, “New Drip,” a lively and upbeat anthem perfect for any party atmosphere. Co-written and co-produced by Troy Taylor, Justice Riley, and Indigo Sane, “New Drip” showcased the group’s versatility and ability to explore various musical styles.

In March, Pop Money introduced themselves to the music scene with their debut single, “Love More.” This heartwarming track celebrates the discovery of an enduring and unwavering love. Once again, Troy Taylor played a crucial role in producing this song.

Cameron of Pop Money shared, “The goal was to make a classic, smooth slow jam. The lyrics really bring you back to ’90s R&B in a way.” With their commitment to creating soulful and emotionally resonant music, Pop Money continues to make a name for themselves in the world of R&B.

“Boys Don’t Cry” and their previous releases reflect their dedication to crafting timeless melodies that evoke the spirit of classic R&B, ensuring their place among the rising stars of the genre.

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