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Lil Wayne Releases New Single “Kat Food” Following “Good Morning”

Fresh off the heels of his new theme song for Undisputed, “Good Morning,” Lil Wayne returns with a brand new single titled “Kat Food.” In this fast-paced rap track, Weezy showcases his success and indulgent lifestyle while incorporating a sample from Missy Elliott’s “Work It.”

In “Kat Food,” Lil Wayne’s lyrical prowess shines as he confidently rhymes about his AK-47, his 40, and a provocative lifestyle. The track is filled with wordplay and clever lines, such as “Green goblin, she red robbing, we look like watermelon.” Weezy doesn’t shy away from self-praise, asserting, “Last nigga gave me stank eye, I let the coroner smell him / Everybody screaming ‘Thank God,’ I tell them all ‘You’re welcome’.”

The song “Kat Food” is produced by a talented trio consisting of FNZ, Charlie Handsome, and Roget Chahayed. It serves as the follow-up to Lil Wayne’s previous release, “Kant Nobody,” which featured a posthumous appearance by DMX. These tracks are building anticipation for Lil Wayne’s highly-awaited Tha Carter VI.

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