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Prime Video Unveils Official Trailer and Key Art for “One Shot: Overtime Elite”

Prime Video has revealed the official trailer and key art for the highly-anticipated docuseries, “One Shot: Overtime Elite.” This captivating six-part series, set to premiere with all episodes on September 5, delves deep into the world of Overtime Elite (OTE), shedding light on the unwavering commitment and resilience exhibited by OTE’s players and coaches both on and off the basketball court.

“One Shot: Overtime Elite” embarks on an exploration of the lives of the budding basketball stars of OTE, hailing from different parts of the country. The series offers an intimate look at the challenges they face and the rigorous training they undergo as they strive for a career in professional basketball. It delves into the very essence of what it takes to ascend to the next level – the unrelenting determination, the sacrifices made, the ability to persevere, and the ultimate glory that makes it all worthwhile.

The heart of the series lies in its portrayal of the incredible journey of Amen Thompson and Ausar Thompson. These two individuals emerge as prominent prospects within the league’s upcoming generation of basketball talents, all with their sights set on the NBA Draft. “One Shot: Overtime Elite” offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a league that is reshaping the traditional pathways to the NBA, while simultaneously serving as a wellspring of inspiration for a new era of basketball players and enthusiasts.

Prime Video takes the spotlight as the exclusive live rights holder for Overtime Elite. This strategic partnership further enriches the viewing experience for basketball fans, ensuring that they stay at the forefront of the action as they follow the OTE journey.

“One Shot: Overtime Elite” promises to be a gripping series that goes beyond the game of basketball, revealing the dedication and determination that drive these young athletes towards their dreams. With Prime Video as the exclusive platform, fans and viewers can anticipate an immersive experience that provides an up-close look at the future of basketball in the making.

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