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Queen Naija and NBA YoungBoy Heat Up Miami in “No Fake Love” Video

Queen Naija teams up with NBA YoungBoy to drop the sizzling new single, “No Fake Love.” Directed by Sara Lacombe, the accompanying music video transports viewers to a sun-soaked day in Miami, capturing the essence of a carefree summer.

The music video places R&B sensation Queen Naija at the center of a perfect Miami day, surrounded by her girlfriends. Against the backdrop of South Beach, the video showcases Queen Naija cruising along the shoreline and enjoying some thrilling jet skiing adventures on the glistening waters.

Queen Naija delivers unapologetic lyrics, confidently proclaiming her worth: “You can’t deny it, baby, I’m fire / Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with me.” She exudes self-assuredness, ready to bet on herself at any given moment. Her empowering words reflect strength and independence, setting a powerful tone for the track.

NBA YoungBoy joins Queen Naija in this musical journey, offering his verses that seamlessly blend with Naija’s vocals. Together, they explore themes of loyalty, trust, and the desire for genuine connections, contrasting them with the notion of fake love that they’re eager to leave behind.

A Stream of Hits: “No Fake Love” follows Queen Naija’s previous hit singles, “Words Of Affirmation” and “Let’s Talk About It.” With each release, Queen Naija continues to captivate her audience with her soulful voice and relatable lyrics.

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