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Quiz Lady: Everything We Know About the Upcoming Hulu Comedy Film

Get ready for a laughter-filled adventure with ‘Quiz Lady,’ the upcoming Hulu comedy film starring Awkwafina and Sandra Oh. As the world eagerly anticipates its release, here’s everything you need to know about this dysfunctional family comedy.

Release Date and Premiere: The world premiere of ‘Quiz Lady’ is set to take place at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2023. For those eager to watch it at home, mark your calendars for November 3, 2023, when the film will be officially available for streaming.

Where to Watch: In the United States, ‘Quiz Lady’ will exclusively stream on Hulu. International audiences can catch it on Disney+, thanks to its partnership with Star, which provides access to Hulu’s content.

Trailer Teaser: While we’re still awaiting an official trailer, expect one to drop shortly after the film’s premiere at TIFF. Keep an eye out for updates on this page.

The Plot: ‘Quiz Lady’ explores the dynamics of a dysfunctional family, focusing on two sisters, Anne and Jenny, played by Awkwafina and Sandra Oh, respectively. Anne is a reserved homebody who adores her pet pug and is obsessed with a daily game show called ‘Quiz Show.’ In contrast, Jenny is an eccentric go-getter who’s ventured into entrepreneurial endeavors. When the sisters discover their mother’s substantial gambling debt, they reunite and concoct an unconventional plan. Anne’s trivia expertise becomes their secret weapon as they embark on a wild cross-country journey to win big on the ‘Quiz Show.’

The Cast: Awkwafina and Sandra Oh lead the star-studded cast, showcasing their comedic talents in roles that deviate from their typical characters. Joining them are renowned comedians Will Ferrell, Jason Schwartzman, and Tony Hale. Ferrell plays a television host, Schwartzman portrays a rival trivia champion, and Hale’s role promises to add humor to the mix. Additionally, Holland Taylor rounds out the cast as Anne’s cranky neighbor.

Filming Locations: ‘Quiz Lady’ was filmed in Los Angeles at 20th Century Studios. The production spanned from early June 2022 to July 22, 2022.

Behind the Scenes: The film is directed by Oscar-winner Jessica Yu, known for her work on popular television series like ‘The West Wing’ and ‘This is Us.’ Jen D’Angelo, the screenwriter, has an impressive comedy-writing background, having worked on shows like ‘Young Rock’ and ‘Workaholics.’ The movie’s producers include Jessica Elbaum, Itay Reiss, Maggie Haskins, and cast members Will Ferrell, Awkwafina, and Sandra Oh. Adrian Peng Correia handled cinematography, while Nat Sanders and Susan Vaill served as editors.

‘Quiz Lady’ promises to be a hilarious and heartwarming journey, showcasing the comedic prowess of its talented cast. Mark your calendars for November 3rd, and get ready to laugh out loud as this dysfunctional family takes on the world of game shows in a most unconventional way.

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