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Tinashe Drops ‘BB/ANG3L’ Album & ‘Uh Huh’ Music Video

In the realm of music, artists often strive to peel back the layers of their personas, revealing their raw and authentic selves. Tinashe, a seasoned stage sensation, achieves just that with her latest album, ‘BB/ANG3L,’ a compelling musical odyssey released under the banner of Ricky Reed’s Nice Life Recording Company.

As a trailblazing artist known for her electrifying stage presence and unflinching creativity, Tinashe takes her listeners on a profound sonic journey with ‘BB/ANG3L.’ This album, introduced by previously released singles like ‘Talk to Me Nice’ and ‘Needs,’ marks a significant milestone in her career as it’s her first full-length project since 2021’s ‘333.’ In an interview with ‘Dazed’ magazine, Tinashe revealed her vision for this record, stating, “I believe how we identify in this world is ultimately our own personal choice, and I’ve enjoyed stripping back layers of aesthetic fluff, smoke & mirrors, and white noise to get down to the core of myself. Who we are at a core level, when we are alone – raw & unfiltered, is what I want this album to reflect.”

To announce the album release, a big signpost was place at Times Square by Amazon Music and Onamp

One of the standout tracks from ‘BB/ANG3L’ is ‘Uh Huh,’ a captivating blend of Tinashe’s signature vocals and innovative production. This track has now received the visual treatment, and the accompanying music video is a mesmerizing spectacle that beautifully complements the song’s energy and essence.

But the excitement doesn’t conclude there. Listeners are invited to fully immerse themselves in the ‘BB/ANG3L’ experience, as the album is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Featuring seven tracks that beckon you into Tinashe’s world, ‘BB/ANG3L’ embarks on a sonic exploration of themes such as identity, self-discovery, and authenticity.

Take a moment to stream ‘BB/ANG3L’ and discover the unfiltered artistry of Tinashe—a musical journey that resonates deep within the soul. 🎶🌟

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