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Tola Olatunji’s Film “Kanaani” (The Promise Land) to Hit Cinemas in September

Nigerian filmmaker Tola Olatunji’s highly acclaimed film “Kanaani” (The Promise Land) is set to make its debut in Nigerian cinemas on September 15, 2023. The movie, which garnered nominations for Best Film and Best Writer at the 2023 Africa Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA), will be distributed by FilmOne Entertainment.

Plot and Cast: “Kanaani” (The Promise Land) is a poignant story written by director and screenwriter Babatunde Apalowo, and directed by Tola Olatunji. The film follows the journey of two lovers who decide to pursue better opportunities abroad, only to find themselves caught in the web of slavery and sex trafficking. The narrative delves into the harrowing realities faced by those who fall victim to these dark forces. The movie boasts a talented cast including Ivie Okujaiye, Gabriel Afolayan, Joseph Benjamin, Ayo-Adey Kosh, and many others.

Recognition and Festivals: Prior to its release in Nigerian cinemas, “Kanaani” (The Promise Land) gained international recognition by screening in various theaters across the United States. It also had the honor of being selected for esteemed film festivals such as the Maui Film Festival, the Pan African Film Festival, and the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

“Kanaani” (The Promise Land) addresses significant social issues and portrays the harsh realities faced by individuals ensnared in human trafficking and exploitation. The film’s selection for prominent film festivals and nominations at the AMVCA demonstrate its impact and relevance in shedding light on critical global issues.

As the release date approaches, anticipation for “Kanaani” (The Promise Land) is building, and audiences are eager to experience a powerful narrative that raises awareness about the dark and disturbing realities of modern-day slavery and trafficking. The film’s distribution through FilmOne Entertainment ensures that it will reach a wide audience and continue to spark conversations about these pressing issues.

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