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Over The Bridge: Cast, Plot, Trailer and UK World Premiere And Availability In Cinemas

“Over The Bridge” is poised to make its world premiere in the UK on October 18, 2023. This cinematic event, a collaboration between BEYOND NOLLYWOOD, PICTURE HOUSE CINEMAS, and DARK MATTER, promises to be a milestone in the world of Nigerian cinema.

The Plot: “Over The Bridge” weaves a compelling narrative around Folarin Marinho, who mysteriously disappears while engrossed in a significant project in Lagos, Nigeria. Left to grapple with her husband’s disappearance, his wife embarks on a frantic search for answers. As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that Folarin was struggling with the pressures of his work, compounded by the involvement of a young protégé in the project. This cinematic masterpiece sheds light on the delicate issue of mental health in the corporate landscape of Lagos and one individual’s response when life becomes overwhelming.

The Creative Team: The screenplay for “Over The Bridge” was penned by Tosin Otudeko, with Bose Oshin taking on the role of producer and Tolu Ajayi as director. The movie was filmed on location in Lagos, Nigeria, and principal photography wrapped up on June 1, 2022. The visual narrative was beautifully captured by Director of Photography, K.C. Obiajulu.

Where to Witness the Premiere: This eagerly anticipated world premiere will grace 10 theaters across 6 cities, ensuring that audiences in the UK have ample opportunities to experience this cinematic gem. The screening locations include renowned venues such as The Ritzy in Brixton, London, and the Exeter Picturehouse in Exeter, among others.

Tosin Otudeko, the driving force behind “Over The Bridge,” expresses her excitement about this momentous occasion, emphasizing its timeliness. She anticipates the opportunity to directly engage with audiences in the diaspora and beyond, marking a celebration of Nigerian cinema.

“Over The Bridge” delves into a tapestry of themes, including society, relationships, values, responsibility, leadership, community, loss, and loyalty. It artfully examines how external pressures can reverberate within, influencing decisions and desires.

CAST: Ozzy Agu, Segilola Ogidan, Deyemi Okonlawon, Paul Adams, Akin Lewis, Elma Mbadiwe, Oludara Egerton-Shyngle, Joke Silva. As a prelude to the premiere, exclusive stills featuring talented Nigerian actors Segilola Ogidan and Deyemi Okonlawon have been unveiled, giving audiences a tantalizing glimpse into the film’s world.

This collaborative premiere aligns with the mission of BEYOND NOLLYWOOD, a platform that spotlights New Wave Nigerian Cinema and filmmakers on the global stage. Created by the esteemed British festival Curator, Nadia Denton, BEYOND NOLLYWOOD seeks to enrich world cinema, raise international awareness of Nigerian filmmakers, and foster the growth of a vibrant Nigerian film culture.

“Over The Bridge,” executive produced by Tosin Otudeko, Joke Silva, and Guy Hibbert, is set to captivate UK cinema audiences starting October 18th. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this poignant exploration of life’s complexities and the resilience of the human spirit.

Stay tuned for further updates as the UK world premiere of “Over The Bridge” approaches, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience

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