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“Burning Body (EL CUERPO EN LLAMAS) : A Blazing Netflix Thriller Sparks Heated Conversations”

In a world where true crime narratives capture the imagination, Netflix’s “Burning Body” emerges as a series that not only tells a gripping tale but also fans the flames of controversy. This Spanish thriller, originally titled “El cuerpo en llamas,” boasts eight heart-pounding episodes, accompanied by a concurrent true crime documentary. With the series generating fervent discussions, let’s delve deeper into this burning mystery.

The cast:

Despite the hurdles presented by the script, the cast of “Burning Body” delivers commendable performances. Úrsula Corberó, renowned for her role in “Money Heist” (“La casa de papel”), embodies the lead character, Rosa, with unwavering commitment. Familiar faces include Pep Tosar, José Manuel Poga, Raúl Prieto, Isak Férriz, and Pep Ambròs.

Ignition Date:

“Burning Body” made its fiery entrance on September 8, 2023, igniting screens with a narrative that dances along the line between factual accounts and creative dramatization.

Inspired by Reality:

The core of “Burning Body” mirrors a chilling real-life crime: the murder of a police officer, whose lifeless body was engulfed in flames inside a torched car. The primary suspects? His girlfriend and her lover. Yet, the series opts for the tag “inspired by true events,” signifying a willingness to take artistic liberties while maintaining a connection to reality.

Fact or Fiction? The Blurred Boundaries:

With unaltered character names and a spoilers list that closely aligns with the actual case, the series embraces its real-life inspiration without apology. This deliberate choice to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction adds to the intrigue and controversy surrounding “Burning Body.”

Telenovela Tensions:

A recurrent critique of Spanish genre productions on Netflix is their perceived inclination toward a telenovela-like ambiance. “Burning Body” doesn’t escape this evaluation, often emanating a melodramatic atmosphere. While telenovelas have their charm, their presence feels out of place in a crime thriller, particularly one grounded in a true story.

Directorial Blaze:

Jorge Torregrossa’s direction maintains the series’ unique style, shining as a beacon amidst the debate. Regrettably, the screenplay, penned by Carlos López, Laura Sarmiento Pallarés, and Eduard Sola, faces mixed reviews. It mirrors the angles pursued by real-life paparazzi, intensifying the storm of controversy.


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