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Doja Cat’s “Scarlet” Tracklist Revealed: Fans Speculate on Potential Hidden Features

The excitement is palpable as Doja Cat, the versatile artist, has unveiled the tracklist for her upcoming fourth studio album, “Scarlet.” However, what’s catching the eye and sparking conversation among fans is the conspicuous absence of featured artists on the tracklist. This has led to speculation that Doja Cat might have some surprises up her sleeve, including potential hidden features.

With 15 tracks in total, “Scarlet” adheres to the belief held by many music enthusiasts that an album’s sweet spot lies somewhere between 13 to 15 songs. This bodes well for Doja Cat’s upcoming release, and fans can’t wait to see if “Scarlet” lives up to this industry-standard metric.

The tracklist includes three previously released lead singles, “Attention,” “Paint The Town Red,” and “Demons.” Their inclusion was largely anticipated and has only added to the excitement surrounding the album.

Fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the tracklist, with some providing humorous takes. For example, one fan humorously expressed a desire for track 3, titled “Wet Vag**a,” to be played at their wedding, even though they have no idea what it sounds like. Others have expressed excitement about specific song titles and are eagerly looking forward to hearing these tracks.

However, there is a tinge of disappointment among some fans who were hoping for tracks that had previously leaked but did not make it onto the final album. These fans are holding out hope for a deluxe version of “Scarlet,” citing Doja Cat’s track record of releasing bonus track versions of her albums, such as “Planet Her” and “Amala.”

As we approach the release date of “Scarlet,” the mystery surrounding the absence of featured artists is likely to keep fans buzzing with anticipation. Will there be hidden features, or is Doja Cat taking a solo journey on this musical adventure? Only time will tell, and fans are ready to embark on this thrilling musical journey alongside her. Stay tuned for more updates on Doja Cat and the music industry.

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