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Harry Maguire’s Mother Speaks Out Against Online Abuse and Criticism Of Her Son

In the world of professional sports, athletes often face intense scrutiny and criticism from fans, pundits, and the media. Unfortunately, this can sometimes escalate to abusive and hurtful comments, as highlighted in the recent case of England defender Harry Maguire. In this post, we shed light on the heartfelt statement issued by Harry Maguire’s mother, who has spoken out against the unacceptable level of negativity and abuse her son has endured.

Harry Maguire, a talented defender for both club and country, recently found himself at the center of negative attention after an own goal during England’s match against Scotland. The home crowd’s mocking and the subsequent online abuse deeply concerned his family, especially his mother.


In her statement, Maguire’s mother eloquently expressed her dismay at the level of negative and abusive comments directed at her son. She highlighted that such behavior is not only disgraceful but also unacceptable in any walk of life. She emphasized that Harry works tirelessly for his club and country, giving his all in every match.

Maguire’s mother raised a critical point about the consequences of such abusive comments. While football is known for its ups and downs, she argued that what her son has been subjected to goes beyond the realm of football. The emotional toll it takes on an individual is significant and extends far beyond the field.

Expressing her deep concern, Maguire’s mother shared her hope that no other parents or players would have to endure similar abuse in the future. She highlighted Harry’s resilience and mental strength, which enable him to handle such situations, but she emphasized that not everyone may have the same fortitude.

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“I was there in the stands as usual, it’s not acceptable what’s been created over nothing.

“I understand that in world of football there are ups and downs, positive and negatives but what Harry receives has gone far beyond football.

“For me seeing him go through what’s he’s going through is not ok. I’d hate to have to see other parents or players go through this in future, especially young boys and girls breaking through the ranks today.

“Harry has a massive heart and it’s a good job he’s mentally strong and can handle it as others may not be able too.

“I wish this sort of abuse on nobody.”

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