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Universal Music To Re-Release Bob Marley And The Wailers’ ‘Catch A Fire’, Celebrating 50 Years of Reggae Brilliance

Get ready to groove to the iconic rhythms of reggae as Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) takes us back in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bob Marley and The Wailers’ legendary album, “Catch a Fire.” This timeless masterpiece, which propelled Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer to global stardom, is set to be re-released on November 3. The album remains a cornerstone of reggae music, and its enduring legacy continues to inspire generations.

UMe, the esteemed catalogue division of Universal Music Group (UMG), is dedicated to honoring this musical treasure in grand style. To mark this momentous occasion, “Catch a Fire” will be available in special formats, including a 3 x Vinyl LP + 12-inch set and a 3 CD set. It will also grace digital platforms, ensuring that fans old and new can savor its magic.

The re-release promises an auditory voyage through various dimensions of the album. LP1/CD1 features the original studio recording, delivering the authentic essence of the album. LP2/CD2 treats listeners to a 10-song live album titled “Live From The Paris Theatre London,” capturing the electrifying energy of a Bob Marley and The Wailers concert.

LP3/CD3, aptly named “Sessions,” unveils the hidden gems of “Catch a Fire.” Here, you’ll discover alternative, extended, and instrumental Jamaican versions of the original tracks, adding a fresh layer of intrigue and showcasing the album’s versatility. Additionally, the vinyl offering includes an extra 12-inch record featuring three classic tracks: “Slave Driver,” “Get Up, Stand Up,” and “Stop That Train.” These tracks were recorded live at the Wailers’ iconic performance at the Sundown Theatre in Edmonton, North London. Previously only available as a bootleg, this release brings these historical recordings to the forefront. The reverse side of the 12-inch record features an etched image of the iconic Zippo lighter illustration.

Both LP and CD packages will include a book filled with classic images of the late reggae icon, captured during photo shoots with long-time collaborators Adrian Boot, Arthur Gorson, Dennis Morris, and Neville Garrick. Press clippings from the era will also transport fans back in time, and renowned music journalist and author Chris Salewicz has penned brand new sleeve notes for the release. The formats will feature both iconic sleeve designs, including the original famous Zippo lighter illustration and the later version showcasing Bob enjoying a spliff. A limited-edition run pressed on colored vinyl will be available for the dedicated fans.

To kick off the anniversary celebrations, “Slave Driver,” hailed as one of the album’s most powerful tracks, will be released as a standalone single. Accompanied by remarkable live performance footage from the legendary Edmonton show in England in 1973, this release promises to transport fans back to a pivotal moment in reggae history. The video will be available on the Bob Marley YouTube page, and fans can expect an array of videos over the coming months to mark the release of the 50th-anniversary editions in November.

It’s worth noting that the Marley family’s efforts to secure ownership of “Catch a Fire” and other iconic albums were thwarted in a copyright court case against Universal Music Group (UMG) back in September 2010. Despite their claims of exploitation and royalties disputes, the court ruled that UMG held the copyrights to these recordings.

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