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Sexyy Red Drops Remix Video for “Hellcat SRTs 2” Featuring Lil Durk

Sexyy Red has released an enticing remix video for her track “Hellcat SRTs 2,” featuring acclaimed rapper Lil Durk. This follow-up to the original “Hellcats SRTs” track showcases their synergy and creativity in a high-energy music video directed by Jerry Productions.

The music video for “Hellcat SRTs 2” captures the essence of the song’s vibe, featuring Sexyy Red in a glamorous second verse flaunting money. Meanwhile, Lil Durk kicks off the track from the driver’s seat, adding his signature style to the mix.

Lil Durk’s verse references a split bill with someone, booster bitches, designer clothing, and a desire from Sexyy Red. These lyrics showcase Durk’s lyrical prowess and wordplay.

The original “Hellcats SRTs” track was part of Sexyy Red’s recent project, “Hood Hottest Princess,” which dropped in June.

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