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Celebrating Virgo Celebrity Birthdays on September 18Th: Jada Pinkett Smith, James Marsden And Ronaldo

Here are some notable Virgo celebrities who share a birthday on September 18th:

  1. Jada Pinkett Smith (Born: September 18, 1971)

Birthplace: Baltimore, MD

Age: 52 years old

About: Jada Pinkett Smith is an actress known for her roles in films like “The Nutty Professor,” “The Matrix,” and as the voice actor in the “Madagascar” film franchise. She also played Fish Mooney in the TV series “Gotham.” Jada is married to actor Will Smith, and they have two children together, Jaden and Willow.

  1. James Marsden (Born: September 18, 1973)
  1. Birthplace: Stillwater, OK
  2. Age: 50 years old
  3. About: James Marsden is a screen actor recognized for his roles in movies such as “X-Men,” “Superman Returns,” “Enchanted,” and “The Notebook.” He has also starred in TV series like “Westworld” and “Dead To Me.” James has two sons and a daughter.
  1. Ronaldo (Born: September 18, 1976)

Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Age: 47 years old

About: Ronaldo, also known as “The Phenomenon,” is a legendary soccer player from Brazil. He won World Cup titles with Brazil in 1994 and 2002 and played for several top club teams, including Inter Milan and Real Madrid. Ronaldo received the Ballon d’Or in 1997 and 2002 and was named Player of the Decade in 2011 by Goal.com.

These Virgo celebrities have made significant contributions to their respective fields and continue to be celebrated for their talents and achievements.

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