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Femi Gbajabiamila’s law licence terminated in the US after stealing money from client and violating bar rules

Femi Gbajabiamila, the former House Speaker and current Chief of Staff to President Bola Tinubu, is grappling with legal repercussions in the United States. His law license was revoked by the State Bar of Georgia due to ethical violations, highlighting a departure from the impunity often seen in Nigerian politics.

The Saga of Legal Consequences

  • Gbajabiamila’s legal troubles began when a client accused him of theft, prompting a grievance against him. He chose not to cooperate with the Georgia Bar and ceased fulfilling his membership obligations.
  • Consequently, he was suspended for five years in 2015, which later culminated in the permanent termination of his membership in 2020. These actions stem from his ethical transgressions.
  • In an earlier incident, Gbajabiamila admitted to accepting $25,000 as a settlement for a client’s personal injury claims. He delayed disbursing these funds to the client, utilized them for personal purposes, and left the country, resulting in a 36-month suspension.

This case highlights the disparities in accountability between jurisdictions. While Gbajabiamila faces consequences for his actions in the U.S., his alleged corruption in Nigeria has remained largely unaddressed. Accusations of bribery and corruption have surrounded him, but he has maintained his political stature.

In Nigeria, where individuals in positions of power often escape accountability, this incident serves as a testament to the commitment of some jurisdictions to uphold ethical standards and punish transgressions, regardless of one’s political influence.

Gbajabiamila’s legal challenges in the United States serve as a reminder that accountability remains a critical aspect of governance in certain parts of the world.

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