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Sex Therapist Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey Allows Her husband To Sleep With Other People, Embraces Polyamory as the Secret to a Thriving Marriage

Renowned psychologist Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey is challenging conventional notions of monogamy by embracing polyamory as the cornerstone of her thriving marriage. Dr. Bisbey, a 60-year-old sex therapist originally from the US and now residing in Scotland, has opened up about her unconventional approach to relationships.

Having previously been in a monogamous marriage, Dr. Bisbey experienced a profound shift when she discovered her bisexuality. She realized that confining her sexuality to one person was no longer in alignment with her desires. This realization prompted her to explore polyamory, a relationship style that allows individuals to engage in multiple committed romantic relationships simultaneously.


Dr. Bisbey’s husband, with whom she has shared 14 and a half years of her life and been married to for just under nine years, also identifies as polyamorous. In polyamory, both partners have the freedom to form multiple romantic connections.

Discussing her unique relationship, Dr. Bisbey explained, “We both were non-monogamous when we got together and agreed that was how our relationship would be run. We both love it as we get more needs met, have wider support, and more places of joy. We have had other relationships throughout our time together.”

She elaborated on their approach to meeting new partners, stating, “We meet people in the course of daily life. Neither of us spends time on dating apps. We have gone to events that are sex- and relationship-positive and met people there.”

While their polyamorous lifestyle has brought fulfillment, it hasn’t been without its challenges, particularly in managing time and maintaining connections across different locations. Dr. Bisbey’s other relationships span transatlantic distances, making scheduling and travel complex.

For those considering non-monogamy, Dr. Bisbey offers valuable advice:

  1. Work on Yourself: Cultivate self-confidence and emotional skills.
  2. Avoid Opening Up a Rocky Relationship: Non-monogamy won’t salvage a troubled relationship.
  3. Define Your Non-Monogamous Style: Decide whether it’s purely sexual or involves emotional connections.
  4. Establish Clear Boundaries: Collaborate on boundaries and revisit them regularly.
  5. Start with Smaller Groups: Avoid choosing a threesome as your first experience, as it can lead to feelings of exclusion.

One unique aspect of Dr. Bisbey’s relationship is the “veto” rule, allowing either partner to veto a potential new relationship. This rule helps maintain their relationship structure and ensure mutual consent.

Addressing jealousy in their relationship, Dr. Bisbey noted that it often stems from insecurity about oneself or one’s place in the relationship. She and her husband have cultivated a secure sense of self and trust in their relationship, minimizing feelings of jealousy. However, they occasionally experience envy, which they openly discuss and address.

Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey’s unconventional approach to marriage challenges societal norms, demonstrating that alternative relationship styles can lead to lasting happiness. As society evolves, non-monogamous relationships like hers may become more widely accepted.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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