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Cher Unveils Spectacular 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of ‘Believe’

It’s time to turn back the clock and relive the magic of Cher’s iconic album ‘Believe’ as she announces a dazzling 25th-anniversary deluxe edition. In an exciting revelation on Twitter, the legendary artist shared that this special release will not only include all the beloved original tracks but also previously unreleased gems like ‘Tee’s Radio One Instrumental’ and Ray Roc’s Latin Soul Instrumental of ‘Dov’e l’Amore.’

Set to hit the shelves on November 3, the ‘Believe (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)’ will be available in multiple formats, including 3LP, 2CD, and digital. Cher aficionados can anticipate a harmonious blend of timeless classics and exhilarating remixes from that era. For collectors and fans, the limited-edition 3LP boxed set will be a visual and auditory treat, featuring the album on colored vinyl (clear, sea blue, and light blue) and an exclusive numbered lithograph.

‘Believe’ marked a monumental chapter in Cher’s illustrious career and has left an indelible mark on the world of pop music. Cher’s knack for reinvention and her ability to craft enduring hits are nothing short of remarkable. This deluxe edition is not just a celebration of an album but also a tribute to the enduring legacy of an iconic artist. Cher enthusiasts, mark your calendars for November 3, and prepare to immerse yourselves in the timeless enchantment of ‘Believe’ all over again.]

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