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Gamma. Expands to Africa, Names Larry Gaaga as Vice President and GM

Multimedia platform gamma. is making waves as it expands its artist-focused services into Africa, with Nigeria as its chosen hub. This strategic move signifies Nigeria’s growing influence in the global music scene and marks a departure from the traditional preference for South Africa as the base for international labels and brands.

To spearhead its African venture, gamma. has enlisted the esteemed Nigerian songwriter, recording artist, and music executive, Larry Gaaga, as its Vice President and General Manager for Africa. Gaaga’s extensive knowledge of the local music scene and his commitment to nurturing talent make him an invaluable asset to gamma.’s mission.

gamma.’s mission in Africa is two-fold: to nurture local talent and assist artists from Africa and the Middle East in becoming global sensations, while also creating opportunities for Western artists to connect with new audiences in the region. By concentrating its resources in Nigeria and acknowledging the country’s role as a global music export leader, gamma. aims to foster cultural exchange and provide opportunities for artists worldwide.

In his new capacity, Larry Gaaga will oversee gamma.’s operations across the entire African continent, providing strategic direction, driving revenue growth, and expanding market reach. His experience and dedication to nurturing talent align perfectly with gamma.’s commitment to artist empowerment.

Gamma.’s CEO, Larry Jackson, hailed Larry Gaaga’s addition to the team, recognizing his potential to strengthen the company’s market presence and drive significant growth across Africa and beyond.

gamma.’s expansion into Africa represents a significant step in its mission to support artists worldwide and encourage cross-cultural collaborations. Naomi Campbell, a prominent figure in the global entertainment community and Special Advisor to gamma., played a pivotal role in facilitating the partnership between Larry Gaaga and the company.

Larry Gaaga expressed his honor and excitement in response to his appointment, emphasizing his commitment to contributing to the growth of the entertainment industry across Africa, promoting local talent, and showcasing the incredible creativity and diversity of African artists to the world.

With its headquarters in Los Angeles and offices in several international cities, gamma. is poised to make a substantial impact on the African music scene. This strategic expansion and collaboration with Larry Gaaga open doors for artists and cultural exchange, bringing the world closer to Africa’s dynamic music landscape.

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