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Nick Cannon Credits Mariah Carey for Saving His Life, ‘I’D LAY DOWN MY LIFE FOR HER’

In a heartwarming revelation, Nick Cannon, the multi-talented entertainer, shared a remarkable incident where his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, played a pivotal role in saving his life. Speaking in an interview with The Diary of a CEO, Cannon opened up about a life-altering moment that showcased the deep bond he shares with Carey.

This incident unfolded before Cannon received his lupus diagnosis, during a routine jog when he suddenly lost consciousness. Perplexed and concerned, Cannon was found unconscious in their bathroom by Mariah Carey. Her swift and decisive actions came into play as she rushed him to the ER in Aspen. Initially, dehydration and altitude sickness were considered potential causes.

However, as Cannon’s hospital stay continued, medical professionals began suspecting a more serious issue, possibly a kidney stone. Despite initial uncertainty about the cause, Cannon reflects on the profound impact of having a true partner by his side. He passionately expresses his unwavering love and devotion to Carey, asserting that he would readily sacrifice his life for her, even in the present day.

mariah Careh, Nick Cannon and their kids

Cannon’s heartfelt revelation shines a light on the enduring connection he shares with Carey, underscoring the significant role she has played in his life. While their romantic relationship has evolved into a deep friendship, their bond remains a testament to the enduring power of respect, care, and love.

In a previous interview with The Shade Room, Cannon openly declared Carey as his “greatest love” and celebrated her as an exceptional individual radiating positivity and kindness. His continued admiration for her underscores the profound connection they share.

Despite Cannon’s diverse career spanning music, television hosting, and more, his sentiments towards Mariah Carey remain steadfast. Their enduring friendship and mutual respect continue to inspire, reminding us all of the lasting impact of true love and profound connections.

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