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“Song of the Bandits”: Casts, Plot, Trailer, Release date And Everything to Know About the Riveting Western K-Drama

Get ready for a thrilling journey to the wild west of Korea in the enthralling K-Drama series, “Song of the Bandits.” This action-packed and character-driven Western takes place in the 1920s during the Japanese imperial rule. It offers a unique twist by narrating the Joseonian (Korean) uprising against Japan in the style of a classic good guys vs. bad guys Western, enriched with unexpected turns.

Set against the backdrop of Japanese occupation in Korea and the historical dispute over the Gando region, “Song of the Bandits” masterfully blurs the lines between heroes and villains. In this turbulent era, distinguishing between right and wrong isn’t as straightforward as it seems. The series delves into the complex lives of its characters, entwined with the grand conflicts of the times, creating a storyline as intricate as the sandstorms that sweep across the fiercely contested borderlands.

Co-created by Han Jung-hoon, known for “My Fellow Citizens,” and directed by Hwang Jun-hyuk of “Black Dog” fame, the show boasts an impressive ensemble cast. Kim Nam-gil, acclaimed for his role in “Bad Guys,” takes on the role of Lee Yoon, an individual who evolves from a slave to a soldier to a leader of the resistance. Director Hwang describes it as “a historical drama that combines a Western genre action [story] with an Asian hero to deliver a new kind of catharsis.”

What Unfolds in “Song of the Bandits”? The series is set in the 1920s, where Gyeongseong (modern-day Seoul) is under Japanese occupation. However, things take a different turn further north in the Gando region. With the territory claimed by China, Japan investing heavily, and the population consisting of Joseon people, tensions are high. Amid this uncertainty, the story follows Yoon and his journey.

Yoon, previously enslaved by Gwang-il, embarks on a path from a Japanese soldier to a resistance fighter. His decision to defy Gwang-il is influenced by the haunting memories of his actions. He joins forces with Choong-soo, who seeks revenge for the loss of his entire family at the hands of the Japanese military. Together, they lead a burgeoning resistance.

As Yoon and Choong-soo confront those in power, they find themselves entangled in a web of characters, each with their own hidden agendas. Gwang-il, Yoon’s former “owner” and a Japanese soldier, unwittingly targets fellow independence fighters from his homeland, including his own fiancée Hee-shin (Seohyun), who maintains a secret life. Meanwhile, Yoon finds himself in a complicated love triangle. The story further intensifies with the enigmatic character known as “Some Girl” (Lee Ho-jung), a skilled assassin seeking vengeance.

When Will “Song of the Bandits” Be Released? Mark your calendars! “Song of the Bandits” is set to premiere soon.

Meet the Stellar Cast of “Song of the Bandits”

  • Kim Nam-gil: Portraying Lee Yoon, a former slave turned Japanese soldier secretly in love with Hee-shin.
  • Seohyun: Bringing to life Nam Hee-shin, a pro-Japanese railroad bureau employee who is actually an independence fighter.
  • Yoo Jae-myung: Playing Choi Choong-soo, an immigrant to Gando seeking vengeance for his family’s murder, who becomes the leader of the bandits.
  • Lee Hyun-wook: As Lee Gwang-il, the man who enslaved Lee Yoon and convinced him to join the Japanese military.
  • Lee Ho-jung: Taking on the role of Some Girl, an enigmatic young woman who emerges in town after her family’s tragic demise.
  • Cha Chung-hwa: Portraying Kim Seong-bok, a former comrade of Yoon’s who draws him to Gando.

Is “Song of the Bandits” Based on a Book or True Story? No, “Song of the Bandits” is an original series not based on a book or true story. However, it draws inspiration from the historical context of the Korean uprising against Japanese colonization in the 1920s.

Where Does “Song of the Bandits” Take Place? The series primarily unfolds in the Gando region, a historic border area located in present-day northeastern China with a significant Korean population. Known as Gando in Korean and Jiandao in Chinese, this region has been a longstanding source of territorial disputes between Korea and China. Throughout “Song of the Bandits,” the characters refer to it as Gando, and it serves as a pivotal backdrop for the gripping narrative.

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