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Moneybagg Yo Drops New Track “Big Dawg” ft. Sexyy Red

Moneybagg Yo is back and flexing his status as a true “Big Dawg” in the music industry with his latest single, featuring Sexyy Red. The song comes with an accompanying music video, thanks to Diesel Films.

Produced by Macfly Beats, the track showcases Moneybagg Yo, a prominent artist under the CMG label, affirming his G status. Sexyy Red, the rising star on the track, enjoys the luxuries that come with being with a Big Dawg. The visuals feature an array of jewels, piles of cash, and even a pack of dogs on leashes, adding to the swagger of the video.

Moneybagg Yo kicks things off with lyrics like, “She want a G, don’t want no nigga that’s a square, she want a P / Give her that dick soon as she wake up, and before we go to sleep.” Sexyy Red later chimes in with, “Shit, if money ain’t a thing, then help a bitch pay her rent / It ain’t tricking if you got it, nigga, spend that on a bitch.”

“Big Dawg” marks Moneybagg Yo’s return to the music scene following his “Hard To Love” mixtape. As for Sexyy Red, she recently dropped “Hellcat SRTS 2” featuring Lil Durk. This collaboration is already making waves and has fans eagerly awaiting more from these talented artists.

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