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Wendy Shay Breaks Silence on Car Accident: “They Wanted To Kill Me!”

In her first interview since the recent car accident, singer Wendy Shay has made a startling revelation, asserting that the accident was not a mere coincidence.

During her interview on Hitz FM, Wendy Shay insisted that the car accident she was involved in was not a natural occurrence. She boldly stated that she is aware of the individuals responsible for the incident and cautioned the public against blaming her manager, Bullet, as he had no involvement in the accident.

“Those who wanted to kill me, they know themselves, and they’re trying to put it on Bullet. It wasn’t Bullet. It wasn’t a normal attack. What I can say is that they know themselves, but I am not going to mention their names. But they can never kill me,” she asserted.

To support her claim, Wendy Shay questioned the circumstances surrounding the accident, stating, “People were saying, ‘Oh, it’s the Wrangler,’ but how can a big tipper truck loaded with rocks hit me, and the tipper truck somersaulted, and my car was rather intact?”

The incident occurred when a tipper truck collided with Wendy Shay’s Jeep Wrangler from behind on the Kwabenya ACP highway on September 10, 2023. Wendy Shay reportedly suffered a mild concussion and a nose fracture from the accident.

The revelation has sent shockwaves through the music industry, leaving many concerned about Wendy Shay’s safety. She recounted the traumatic experience, saying, “I was heading home; I had finished creating some content for my new song, ‘Every Man Cheats.’ I had gotten to my junction, and all of a sudden, I felt a big push from behind. I remember all I was screaming was Jesus, and then I entered into a gutter. I didn’t even realize when my head hit the dashboard, and I realized I was blacking out, so they had to rush me to the hospital.”

Wendy Shay’s survival has been attributed to divine intervention, and she has now returned to the spotlight with a poignant release. Her latest Amapiano-infused single, ‘Love Me Now,’ produced by MOG Beatz, carries a powerful message about the fleeting nature of life.

In the wake of her accident, Wendy Shay shared a heartfelt message on social media, reflecting on the significance of her new single: “I recorded this song on 7.09.2023 [and] had an accident on 10.09.2023. The lyrics in this song is making sense to me now… Some people will only love you when you are dead… I am alive by the grace of God. Thanks to GOD, my family, team, and my Fans for their support and prayers. Ghana please say a big Thank you to these celebs who showed me love when I needed it most.”

Wendy Shay’s revelation has left fans and the public eagerly awaiting further developments as the mystery behind the accident deepens.

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