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‘Death on the Border’: Casts, Plot, Trailer And Release Date Of The Gritty Thriller

A heart-pounding quest against human trafficking is about to hit the big screen in the upcoming true crime story, “Death on the Border.” The film delves into the horrifying reality of human trafficking and its devastating impact on lives. Collider exclusively reveals the trailer for this intense thriller.

The Plot: Shannon Elizabeth and Kika Magalhaes play two women who refuse to stand by as young girls continue to fall victim to inhumane acts of human trafficking. As former police officers, they decide to take matters into their own hands, even if it means going outside the boundaries of the law. Eric Roberts and Frank Whaley portray the main antagonists behind the criminal organization responsible for the kidnappings. With the local police department unable to stop their nefarious plans, it’s up to these two courageous women to remove them from the equation and put an end to the horrors of human trafficking.

The Cast:

  • Shannon Elizabeth as a former police officer determined to fight human trafficking.
  • Kika Magalhaes as her partner in their unauthorized mission.
  • Eric Roberts as the corrupt cop who is part of the criminal organization.
  • Frank Whaley as another key antagonist.

Danny Trejo joins the fight as a character willing to take matters into his own hands and help the heroes in their mission to rescue the kidnapped girls. Known for his action-packed roles, Trejo brings his unique style to the film.

“Death on the Border” promises to take audiences deep into the terrifying reality of human trafficking and the lives directly affected by it. The film’s intense and suspenseful atmosphere is reminiscent of the “Sicario” universe, making it a gripping watch.

Directed and written by Wendy Wilkins, “Death on the Border” is set to be a thrilling and thought-provoking exploration of a harrowing issue that plagues society.

Watch the exclusive trailer for “Death on the Border” on Collider before the movie premieres in theaters next month. Prepare for a heart-pounding and action-packed journey against organized crime and human trafficking.

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