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‘I don’t regret anyone I sucked, f—ked or swallowed: Brittany Renner Says As She shared her body count for the first time as a guest on “Club Shay Shay”

Brittany Renner, a force known for her unfiltered narratives, recently addressed criticism stemming from a podcast interview with Charleston White. The social media influencer, who openly discussed her intimate encounters with over 35 men, remains steadfast and unapologetic about her life choices.

On the latest episode of the “Behind the Likes” podcast, hosts Chy Fontenette and Winter Blanco delved into Renner’s perceived rebranding. Boasting nearly 5 million Instagram followers, Renner confidently asserted that she is authentically herself and has no reservations about taking ownership of her actions.

When confronted about her past expression of regret concerning her body count, especially moments involving intoxication with at least half of the mentioned men, Renner acknowledged her state during those encounters. Fontenette revisited Renner’s earlier statement expressing regret about the number of individuals she had been with and sought confirmation of her 35-man body count.


Renner, unyielding in her stance, boldly declared, “I’m not sorry for a muthaf—kin’ thing I did. I don’t regret anyone I sucked, f—ked, or swallowed. I don’t have to do all that, and I am still gonna get everything I want.”

Responses to Renner’s statements varied, with some underscoring the importance of pacing and others questioning the concept of a “low” body count.

In her defense, Renner reiterated her commitment to sharing her truth on “taboo” subjects and dismissed the societal weight attached to the numerical value. She emphasized that the greater message lies in embracing one’s truth, regardless of societal expectations.

Renner, celebrated for her candid discussions on sexuality, has consistently challenged societal norms. Her previous disclosure of her body count on “Club Shay Shay” with Shannon Sharpe exemplifies her fearlessness in tackling unconventional topics.

Despite being linked to various celebrities over the years, Renner, a mother to Charlotte Hornets player PJ Washington’s child, remains unfazed by public opinions. In the face of controversies surrounding her personal life, she continues to champion individuality and authenticity.

Renner’s unapologetic stance serves as a beacon of authenticity in a world often confined by societal norms. In refusing to let the number define her, Renner stands as a testament to embracing one’s narrative, unfiltered and unapologetic.

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